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A Third U-boat Visits Newport

Fans of Newport’s naval history should be well-acquainted with the stories of the German submarines that appeared in Narragansett Bay and its vicinity during the two world wars. SM U-53 paid a visit in 1916 when the United States was still a neutral power, hoping to convince its leaders to stay out of the war in Europe. Then in 1945, U-853 arrived off the East Coast and was sunk near Point Judith just two days before Germany surrendered. But did you know that a third U-boat came to Newport 100 years ago this past Sunday?
The United States spent approximately $32 billion fighting the First World War, about 52 percent of its gross national product. Though the war ended in 1918, efforts to pay off the bills persisted into the 1930s. Organizers of the successful Liberty Loan campaign launched the fifth and final war bond drive in 1919. They now had at their disposal captured German military equipment to drum up sales, and those who purchased the bonds were treated to a close-up look at the…

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