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Lovell General Hospital

Although no Civil War battles took place in Rhode Island, a hospital in Portsmouth, Rhode Island played a large role in caring for wounded on both sides of the conflict. In an area now known as the Melville Marina District, this hospital sat on ground that has seen numerous significant events in the last three centuries.  During the Revolutionary War, the British scuttled numerous vessels in Rhode Island waters on 7 August 1778, and one of them, the HMS Orpheus ended up in this history rich neighborhood. No one could have imagined that less than 100 years after that war the United States would be torn apart and almost destroyed as a nation. The estimate of deaths for combatants ranges up to 620,000 for both sides and up to 50,000 for civilians.  Early in the war there were only about 150 hospitals in the country and no formal nursing education. Once the battlefield carnage began, civilians and their organizations fortunately responded quickly and effectively, saving countless lives on

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