New Arrival: Doll House of Quarters AA

Like most museums, people frequently contact us about donating items to our collection. Every once in a while, we get a piece of history that is so unique we just have to share some pictures with you!

VADM John A. Baldwin, Jr. served as the President of the Naval War College from 1986-87. His wife, Leslie, enjoyed making doll house furniture and hired a modeler to make this beautiful model of the President's House, also known as Quarters AA. The house is approximately 53 inches long and includes the main building as well as the two wings on either end. Although there is no furniture, the interior does feature two fireplaces, finished windows, curtains and wallpaper in some of the rooms. The interior walls are removable and can be configured in many different ways.

Before we put the house on display, we asked Alexandra Allardt of ArtCare Resources to come in and give the house a little polishing up to make all the details really stand out. We think she did a great job and are looking forward to putting this one-of-a-kind artifact on exhibit soon!

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