USS Mississippi (BB-41)

In the summer of 1941, USS Mississippi (BB-41) departed from Newport, RI escorting a convoy to Hvalfjordur, Iceland. In Iceland, Mississippi was tasked with protecting shipping facilities. This mission expired after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and Mississippi left Iceland for the Pacific on December 9, 1941. After arriving in San Francisco, she took part in exercises to prepare for initial operations against the Japanese Navy.

Ship's wheel, USS Mississippi
Throughout the Second World War, she engaged in numerous missions and earned eight battle stars. These missions include transporting troops to Fiji from 1942-1943, the restoration of the Aleutian Islands, the invasion of the Gilbert Islands, the shelling of Kwajalein during the Marshall Island campaign in 1944, the liberation of the Philippines, and the battle of Surigao Strait. These are only a few of her notable contributions to U.S. forces in WWII. After Japan surrendered, Mississippi steamed to Sagami Wan, Honshu, and arrived on August 27 as part of the occupation force.

USS Mississippi passing under the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, circa late 1930s
Her fate came in 1956 when Mississippi was decommissioned and deconstructed. Today, few parts remain; those that do provide a glimpse into the past. A few of these artifacts reside at the Naval War College Museum in Newport, RI.

Andy Cirioli
Naval War College Museum intern

Andy is a student at Salve Regina University who recently completed a semester-long internship with us. He will be graduating this month, and the entire NWCM staff would like to offer their congratulations and best wishes for the future!


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