New Blog Feature Allows Readers to Ask Questions

The museum blog now has two new features to make communication easier for our community of visitors, researchers, and historical/naval enthusiasts.  If you have a question about a particular blog post or a research inquiry about museum collections, you now have two options.  Please look at the new gadget on the sidebar of this page between the search and the archive gadgets. It has a field for your email address and for your question/comment. Fill both required fields out if you have a general question about museum collections, if you have an artifact research request, or if you have a suggestion for a future blog post.  This simple form is also useful if you do not wish to make your comment or inquiry publicly available on the internet.

The other way to comment on a specific blog article is by posting a message directly below the blog post.  Previously only available to registered users, this option is now open to everyone and can be made anonymously (though all comments are moderated). This blog was started to increase access to the museum's programs and to shine a spotlight on artifacts that are not frequently on display in our exhibits.  We value your feedback and want to hear from you!

Remember you can always follow the museum on facebook and leave public comments there as well.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!


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