New Ship Model Exhibit Opens at the Museum

Stern detail of USF Constellation. Model built by Thomas Todd

Waterline models
built by Ted Carter
The Naval War College Museum is pleased to announce the opening of Navies in Miniature: Ship Models from the Naval War College Museum Collection, a new exhibit showcasing over one hundred models collected by the museum over the last sixty years. The exhibit includes models previously displayed in permanent exhibitions such as a brass model of HMS Holland, one of  earliest torpedo-firing submarines, and the United States Frigate Constellation (1797), one of the first six frigates built by the U.S. Navy. Never-before publicly exhibited models representing the world’s navies include miniature balsa wood ships carved by Fletcher Pratt for his famous war games and an exquisite scratch-built model of Duc de Bourgogne, the French ship of the line visited by General George Washington and Comte de Rochambeau in Newport during the American Revolution.
Continental Frigate Hancock
by Jim E. Plante
Though late nineteenth century vessels such as the protected cruiser USS Chicago and armored cruiser USS Maine are included, the all-sail men of war are the stars of the show. Accordingly, an 8-foot long model of the Continental Frigate Hancock built by Jim E. Plante is the centerpiece of the exhibit. The captain's cabin and gun deck of this model are lit from the inside! A rare early nineteenth century bone ship model of HMS Confiance is also on display.
We will feature at least one model from Navies in Miniature on the blog for the next four months, but the best way to experience the fine craftsmanship and detail of these models is to visit! The museum, located on the campus of the Naval War College, Naval Station Newport, is free and open to the public. Call 401-842-2101/4052 to make a reservation.

The exhibit is open from January 2 to May 3, 2013

For more information, please visit:

Hancock Image: U.S. Navy Photo/Joseph Quinn Jr.
Other Images: U.S. Navy Photo/Kelly Forst


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