Volunteer Profile: Joshua Howard

---John Pentangelo, Curator/Registrar

Josh working on his final blog for the museum
 Farewell to Josh Howard, who finished up his volunteering time at the museum last week. Josh joined the curatorial volunteer team in August 2010 and, as readers of the blog are well aware, he has been the the main writer and researcher behind the Artifact Spotlight posts which have appeared every Thursday since last October.  Josh's contributions were crucial because he helped open the doors of this wonderful museum to everyone with a personal computer or smart phone. On site, Josh has given two hundred hours of service researching naval history dates and museum collections. He spent more time writing at home. These efforts have gained a broader and more diverse audience for the the museum and its collections. Before our facebook page and this blog, the museum had a minute presence on the Internet. Josh has helped the museum turn this around.

A native New Englander, Josh brought a wealth of experience to the museum. He received his BA from Boston University and his MA in European Historical Archaeology from the University of Sheffield in the UK. and has applied his education on several archaeological excavations in Middletown, Newport, and in Dedham, Massachusetts. He will be continuing his education this fall when he begins the doctoral program in Anthropology at the State University of New York at Buffalo. We thank Josh for his tremendous contributions and wish him the best in his studies.


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