Volunteer Profile: Kassie Ettefagh

---John Pentangelo, Curator/Registrar

The museum said goodbye to yet another curatorial volunteer when Kassie Ettefagh finished up this month. Kassie came to the museum in September of 2010, working one day a week for nearly a year on a number of large collections registration projects. After carefully inventorying a large unregistered collection of uniform pieces that once belonged to former President of the Naval War College Vice Admiral Bernard L. Austin, Kassie photographed the collection and created records for each object in the database. Later, she was instrumental in creating worksheets of detailed information to register the museum's forty-two presidential portraits with the National Portrait Gallery's Catalog of American Portraits and the American Heritage National Portal to Historic Collections. The submission to the NPG is not yet complete but readers can view the portraits on the American Heritage site by clicking the link provided.

The third and most demanding task was registry of the collection of documents and naval memorabilia loaned by Ambassador J. William Middendorf. Kassie scanned all of the original documents, including letters signed by John Hancock in 1775 and documents signed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. She also photographed all of the three-dimensional items and framed prints in the collection. Thanks to Kassie the collection of over one hundred pieces is now registered in the museum database and can be managed electronically.

Kassie, a graduate of Providence College, also works part-time for the Newport Historical Society. This fall she will be pursuing her Masters in Library and Information Studies at the University of Rhode Island. We wish her the very best of luck and thank her for a tremendous amount of hard work and service. The museum owes so much to volunteers such as Kassie who give their valuable time to help us take care of this wonderful collection.


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