Artifact Spotlight: Naval War College Christmas Card, 1929

This Christmas card was sent out by the Naval War College in 1929 during the administration of Vice Admiral Joel R. P. Pringle.  It features a whimsical map of Coasters Harbor Island where the college and Naval Training Station reside. The map is embellished with illustrations of landmarks and nautical motifs commonly found on charts and maps.                                                     The permanently moored training ship USS Constellation dominates the southern end of the island near a depiction of a United States Marine guard at the entry to the base. Counter clockwise from the "Naval War College" are Luce Hall (with Mahan Hall directly behind), The Naval Station Administration Building (now Founders Hall/NWC Museum), Quarters AA (the President's House then designated Quarters B), three buildings for senior officers' quarters (C/D, E/F, and G/H), an unknown building which may be an auditorium, and what appears to be Barracks B (recruit quarters). An unknown building (possibly the chapel) and Quarters A (Commander of the Naval Station) are featured in the center.

Happy Holidays from the staff at the Naval War College Museum!


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